Agilent Technologies GC-MS 7890 GC – 5975C Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

SRIF’s Agilent Technologies 7890/5975C gas chromatograph mass spectrometer is a workhorse instrument for both qualitative (non-targeted) and quantitative (targeted) sample analysis for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). 

  • 7890 Gas Chromatograph
    • Multi-mode inlet for large volume – solvent evaporation injections, split/splitless, and split injections
    • Backflush module for column purging after each sample run
    • Retention Time Locking for Easy Method Maintenance
    • Finger-tight column nuts for ventless column changes
  • 5975C Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
    • Full Scan, Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM), Simultaneous SIM/Full Scan
    • Triple Axis Detector for High Sensitivity
    • High Energy Dynode
    • High temperature Source Rated to 350 °C
    • Onboard PFTBA Tuning Solution
  • Custom CombiPAL Robotic Sample Preparation/Sample Injector
    • Liquid Injections
    • 2, 10, 20 mL Sample Vial Trays
    • Interchangeable Syringe Sizes
    • Syringe Wash Station
    • Refrigerated Sample Compartment
    • Headspace Sampler
    • Heater/Agitator
    • Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME)
  • MassHunter Software
    • Instrument Operation
    • MassHunter Quant for quantitative analysis of target compounds in samples
    • MassHunter Qual for compound identification in non-target analysis via deconvoluted spectra

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