Shimadzu LC-IT-ToF MS Ion Trap – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer

SRIF’s liquid chromatograph – ion-trap time-of-flight mass spectrometer is a high-resolution mass spectrometer. The LCMS-IT-TOF combines QIT (ion trap) and TOF (time-of-flight) technologies for the ability to conduct MSn product ion formation and high resolution/high mass accuracy to elucidate precise formula predictions in non-target analysis.

  • Prominence Chromatograph System
    • Twin LC pumps for binary gradients
    • Refrigerated autosampler
    • Heated column compartment
  • Ion Trap – Time of Flight mass spectrometer
    • High-speed polarity switching for simultaneous positive and negative ionization modes
    • Ion trap creates MS, MS/MS and MSn ions
    • Time of flight tube is accurate to a nominal 4 ppm